We continue to look closely at new fashion heroes - those who are called crashes and who collect thousands of likes in tiktok. Today, one of the most popular tiktokers in the country and the heroine of the Forbes rating, Dina Saeva, is next in line.

Who: Dina Saeva (@senoritasaeva), 22 years old

Why we know her: video blogger, tiktoker and singer

Dina Saeva started her Instagram account back in 2016, and if you get to the first posts now, you might think that the blog's author has changed.

Over the years, Dina has changed a lot: the girl changed her image, trying different haircuts and hair colors, and, of course, experimented with style.

As an aspiring blogger, Dina clearly did not attach much importance to how her blog would look in terms of fashion. Everything in the mood poured into the ribbon - from everyday photos in a tracksuit, then in a sundress to sudden photo shoots in a princess dress, which could only impress the audience of the prom, and the year was like this in 2003.

Dina Saeva

But at some point, Dina, apparently, got to the blogs of world influencers, studied them and made her own conclusions. Kylie Jenner seems to have impressed her the most. A certain similarity in outfits, and in posing, and in styling is sometimes simply impossible not to notice.

Dina often poses in form-fitting mini dresses, dramatic tops, or nude monochromatic sets. Like Kylie, Dina clearly appreciates luxury brands, but she does not seek to fill all the free space of every new frame with fashionable logos, using them in a very metered manner. And if Dina is photographed in a Dior Panama hat, then nothing in the frame will distract attention from her.

But Saeva is clearly not trying to enter the heavy suite. Yes, she was once invited to the Dolce & Gabbana show among the most popular tiktokers in the world, but Victoria Shelyagova can still sleep well - Dina now wears all this mainly for business, not for the soul. Well, Versace wears a suit to complain to subscribers that she is growing up.

As for the rest of Saeva, of course, Balenciaga, Vetements and Prada, which are mandatory for the hype youth wardrobe, are much closer. And from the suite, she will choose rather loose pants and bicycles. In general, it seems that Dean is in no hurry to jump out of his age.

But she is finally ready to break free from the clutches of patriarchy. In an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, Saeva said that her mother asks her not to publish too candid photos, arguing that she is still married to Dina.

Recall that Dina is from Tajikistan (the girl's real name is Madina Basayeva), her family is Muslim, and in the network the tiktoker often encountered a hate precisely because she behaves inappropriately from the point of view of Islamic customs.

And although the images of Dina were not modest before, lately, as if in spite of everyone, she only gives in to the heat. Here, lace-up micro-skirts, candid photo shoots in a swimsuit, provocative poses, and even almost naked breasts - this degree of frankness surprised even the fans of the social media star.

But what to do, haters can appear from scratch, but likes themselves will not get themselves.

How do you like Dina Saeva's style?

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