With prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland), treatment with herbal teas is effective. This is a well-known traditional medicine method, consisting of a long course of daily use of herbal infusions and decoctions. If we talk about Chinese tea, then it is valuable in itself, due to the large amount of useful trace elements, minerals and biological compounds. And it is also included in the daily diet in order to prevent various diseases, including prostatitis.


What Chinese tea helps with prostatitis?

The prostate gland, located under the bladder, can become inflamed and cause discomfort and, subsequently, disease. Prostatitis is an exclusively "male" disease caused by malnutrition, age-related changes, a sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of junk food and alcohol, and a lack of stable sexual activity. If earlier prostatitis was observed in men after 40-45 years, now the "age" of the disease begins after 30.

Knowing the course of the disease, in which the inflamed prostate gland increases and accompanies muscle contractions with pain when urinating, it is not recommended to drink black tea, because it slightly irritates the mucous membrane of the bladder and provokes strong urges.

But green tea, with frequent use, having the ability to accelerate metabolism, acts as a drink during drug treatment and has a mild prophylactic effect. With prostatitis, it is better to brew weak tea, using 2-4 cups a day. Green tea does not irritate the bladder, and tannin, which is found in high amounts, is known for its anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and astringent properties. And for an inflamed prostate gland is better not to come up with.

When considering herbal medicine, green tea is effectively mixed with:

  • ginger root or ginger powder
  • Ivan tea,
  • thyme
  • anise seeds,
  • ginseng
  • melissa,
  • mint.

In a blend, each component will complement the other, enhancing the action of each other. You can buy Chinese tea mixed with herbs in our online store from RFC. We also offer pure green tea, which you can independently mix with the necessary herbs at home and drink a delicious aromatic drink.


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Things to know (Q&A)

Can Chinese medicine cure prostatitis?

Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) is a common urinary system disease in the male population. Recent studies have shown that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can alleviate the pain caused by CP/CPPS to a certain extent and improve the quality of life of patients.

What is the fastest way to get rid of prostatitis?

Acute bacterial prostatitis is treated with antibiotics . You might get antibiotic tablets to take at home. These should treat the infection quite quickly. You'll usually take antibiotics for up to four weeks.

How do you stop a prostatitis flare up?

Caffeine, alcohol, and hot, spicy foods appear to cause an “allergic-like” reaction leading to inflammation of the prostate and the urethra.