Zygocactus - Decembrist: home varieties with photos and care for them

Home views with descriptions and photos. Video. Propagation: seeds, cuttings. Graft. Bloom. Soil and transplant. Rest period. Difference from ripsalidopsis.

Fri Jan 21 2022


Bunny Ear Cactus - Prickly Pear

Beneficial features. Propagation by seeds and cuttings. Flowering and dormant period. Diseases and pests. How to water, transplant and fertilize properly

Fri Jan 21 2022


Cactus - Euphorbia Euphorbia: 5 popular home species + care

Reproduction, diseases and pests. Title and description. Flowering and dormancy. Video. Soil and fertilizer. Transfer

Fri Jan 21 2022


Basic tips to help you become more active

The modern rhythm of life, sedentary work, unhealthy diet and lack of fluid in the body, as well as poor urban ecology significantly impair our health. How much energy do we spend on various inactive ...

Thu Sep 02 2021


Quantum human consciousness from the point of view of physics and psychology

What is quantum consciousness. What does the theory of the immortality of consciousness say. What is the relationship between quantum consciousness and positive thinking?

Mon Feb 14 2022


Tick-borne encephalitis

Tick-borne encephalitis is a pathology that develops against the background of a viral infection. Its pathogens enter the human body after tick sucking. Flavivirus infects the brain and spinal cord of...

Fri Nov 12 2021