Cactus - Euphorbia Euphorbia: 5 popular home species + care

Reproduction, diseases and pests. Title and description. Flowering and dormancy. Video. Soil and fertilizer. Transfer

Fri Jan 21 2022


Bunny Ear Cactus - Prickly Pear

Beneficial features. Propagation by seeds and cuttings. Flowering and dormant period. Diseases and pests. How to water, transplant and fertilize properly

Fri Jan 21 2022


Zygocactus - Decembrist: home varieties with photos and care for them

Home views with descriptions and photos. Video. Propagation: seeds, cuttings. Graft. Bloom. Soil and transplant. Rest period. Difference from ripsalidopsis.

Fri Jan 21 2022


First aid for broken ribs

Possible causes, signs, symptoms and classification of rib fractures. First aid rules for different types of injuries and proper transportation to the hospital.

Sun May 08 2022


Fast Growth Eyebrow Tools - Top 11 in 2021

How to quickly grow beautiful and thick eyebrows? Popular and recommended cosmetic and folk remedies.

Thu Aug 05 2021


Stretching: exercises for beginners at home for all muscles of the body

The benefits and harms of stretch marks for women and men. Contraindications to stretching exercises. A set of exercises for stretching the whole body at home.

Fri Jul 23 2021