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Each sign of the Zodiac has its own special energy. All people are in approximately equal conditions, and the horoscope, in turn, will help you not to miss your chance and get ahead!

Thu Jul 29 2021


Celtic holidays: rituals for Yule, Imbolc and Ostara to attract good luck

The ancient Celts divided the year not into the months we were accustomed to, but into equal segments, coinciding with the changes in the path of the luminaries in the firmament.

Mon Aug 23 2021


Athena or Aphrodite: what kind of goddess are you according to your zodiac sign?

All women are like women, and I am a goddess! Sound familiar? Now, this is not true, because we are all goddesses. Do you want to know which goddess you are? Read our horoscope!

Fri Jul 30 2021


How to train yourself to eat right: 10 practical tips

We love to read about proper nutrition. And we even know that it is much healthier and more effective than strict diets. Everyone has already learned that you need to eat more vegetables and fruits, give up col ...

Thu Jul 29 2021


The problems that the skin is prone to are determined by the sign of the zodiac, and this is quite scientific: check in your horoscope

We often read astrological forecasts for the day, week, month, year. Also, sometimes we ask the zodiac sign of a new acquaintance, in order, perhaps, to better understand his character, intentions and thoughts ...

Wed Jul 28 2021


Astrological forecast from 5 to 11 April: how your week will turn out

The time for cozy verandas and evening walks will come faster than you think! It's time to get your summer sneakers in and make plans. Which? The stars will tell you. Aries Today you will find important meetings and over ...

Wed Jul 28 2021


Astrological forecast from July 25 to August 1: how your week will turn out

August crept up unnoticed. And that means not a minute to waste. Hurry up to read our weekly horoscope to make the upcoming 7-day magical. Aries Good, stable week ...

Wed Jul 28 2021



New issue July-August 2021

Fri Jul 23 2021


Slimming products: myth or reality

If you are not yet ready for a sports marathon and diets, and you want to take the first step, start with an effective cosmetic ...

Thu Jul 15 2021



Classification of seizures, causes, symptoms and stages of the disease. Diagnosis of the disease, methods of treatment in children and adults. Recommendations for proper nutrition in epilepsy.

Sat May 07 2022


How to use coconut oil for hair and what are its benefits

You will learn about the beneficial properties of tropical nuts by reading this article. Here you will find information about the extraordinary properties of coconut oil and tips on how to use it better.

Tue Feb 22 2022