All women are like women, and I am a goddess! Sound familiar? Now, this is not true, because we are all goddesses. Do you want to know which goddess you are? Read our horoscope!

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Goddesses horoscope

Capricorn - Hestia

goddesses horoscope capricorn

Hestia is the first Olympic goddess, the eternally young patroness of the family hearth and sacrificial fire. By the way, Apollo himself pushed after Hestia, but got a turn from the gate, because the vow of chastity is not a joke to you: if you gave it, keep it. Capricorns are the same: all your love nonsense is a good thing, of course, but who will think about the important? Pushkin? No, Capricorn will think! Like Hestia, who gave Prometheus fire for unfortunate mortals. Capricorns will first take care of others, and then about themselves, well, this is how it looks from the outside. In fact, Capricorns do not need to take care of themselves, because they are all right. I mean, they do it anyway, we just don't notice. And here's another thing: the Romans called Hestia Vesta. The priestesses of the goddess Vesta had to keep their virginity - not forever, but only until the end of their service life. But for this they received solid buns: they were freed from the power of their father, they had the right to dispose oftheir property, pardon criminals and execute unwanted ones. Capricorns would agree without hesitation.

Aquarius - Nika

horoscope of the goddesses aquarius

Nika is the goddess of victory, a symbol of a happy outcome. Nika was often depicted as winged or in a pose of rapid movement above the ground. Attention, question: has anyone ever seen an Aquarius who quietly huddles in a corner and will sit there quietly? Ha, even if the Aquarius young lady is forcibly seated there, she will begin to gesticulate and speak with such speed that everyone will be sure: Aquarius. As usual, running on the ceiling, why be surprised? It's just that Aquarius have an inexhaustible supply of vitality and optimism, that's how they are arranged. And by the way, Aquarians always win. No options. So, if you urgently need to win the contest with fate, pray to Nika. I mean, make friends with Aquarius. Nika is a generous goddess, she does not mind the victory for you, she still has it.

Pisces - Aphrodite

pisces goddesses horoscope

There is no doubt that Aphrodite was born under the sign of Pisces. Because the goddess of love is one. Because the goddess of beauty is two. And also because she knew a lot about suffering. Aphrodite was in love with handsome Adonis, but the unfortunate, alas, died on the hunt. Aphrodite did not survive her grief and, scattering, jumped from the Leukad cliff directly into the sea. Well, why not jump if you are immortal, right? If Pisces could, they would jump too. However, Pisces knows how to suffer without it so that the hearts of those around them shrink, and tears well up in their eyes. Oh, how subtly she feels, how beautifully she suffers! Those who have resisted the beauty of Pisces or their mysteriousness fall for this bait. In general, no one has a chance. It's good that Aphrodite is a good goddess.

Aries - Athena

horoscope goddesses aries

Athena is perhaps the most revered goddess. Athena personifies wisdom, patronizes science and crafts, art, knowledge and ingenuity. But, in general, her main specialization is military strategy. Athena is the only goddess who uses masculine attributes: armor, helmet and spear. The question is, why did the Greeks need the goddess of war, they did have Ares? But because the god of battles was treacherous and cunning and unleashed wars for the sake of the wars themselves. Athena, on the other hand, patronized only the war that was started out of necessity. This is Aries, no doubt about it. Aries girls are also not averse to planting unwanted ones on a spear, but only for the cause, and not because the mood is bad. Just like that, Aries except that he will slam with a shield from above - for edification. True, some do not even stand up to this, well, let them crawl away, weaklings. The cult of the goddess of war is not for jerks, you know.

Taurus - Demeter

Taurus goddesses horoscope

Demeter is the goddess of fertility and the patroness of agriculture. Agriculture is hard work, so the cult of Demeter can be briefly described as follows: now we will all work hard, and then we will treat ourselves from the heart with what the goddess sent. The goddess usually sent not only food, but also wine. And more, more! There is no doubt that Demeter is a Taurus: few people know how to appreciate simple pleasures like delicious food, good wine and, by the way, honest work. However, one should not think that Demeter is a harmless patroness of labor and sweets. Hades once kidnapped her daughter Persephone, and what do you think she did? She pulled the bastard out of the underworld and poured him from the heart. So that the poor man agreed to let Persephone go to his mother every year, and he hid back into his little house and did not shine anymore. Taurus warns: this will be the case with everyone who dares to touch what Taurus is dear to. Whether you are even Hades, even the devil is bald.

Gemini - Iris

gemini goddesses horoscope

Iris is the messenger of the gods, her task is to carry orders around the world: to earth, to the depths of the sea, and even to the kingdom of the dead. The Thunderer once sent Iris to Hades, giving her a cup. And what do you think? She did scoop up some water from the Styx and brought it to Olympus. The water, if you remember, symbolized not only the inviolability of oaths, but also primal horror. In general, we do not recommend washing your hands in Styx. And Irida does not care about this, like the Gemini. Gemini are capable of the most incredible actions, but with only one condition: let it be very, very interesting, please! Gemini are avid travelers, party girls and general friends. And Gemini doesn't care about any far-fetched boundaries. Irida easily flew into the chambers of Zeus, so the Gemini young lady will get acquainted with the president of the country, if such a hunt comes to her. Because lightness and charm are the keys to all doors. And Gemini has them.

Cancer - Gaia

horoscope goddesses cancer

Gaia is the goddess of the earth, the mother of everything that lives and grows on it, as well as the mother of Heaven, Sea, titans and giants. The universal mother, in short. Just like Cancer. Just let Cancer give birth and raise someone: that's all, nothing else is needed, leave Cancer behind with all sorts of nonsense, you don't see, the person is busy with business, and not with this nonsense of yours! True, Gaia was sometimes called Chthonia. And the adjective "chthonic" personified the wild natural power of the earth, and the underworld, too, by the way. And this is about Cancers, no doubt about it. Cancers are reference mothers who, if anything, will bury the abuser of their children in the very chton. And by the way, "baby" is not necessarily a child. All Cancers love are their "kids". Such a nature.

Leo - Hera

horoscope of the goddesses leo

Hera is the patroness of marriage, protecting the mother during childbirth, but no one remembers this. But everyone remembers that Hera is the wife of Zeus himself, the first lady of Olympus. In fact, the third, because before her Zeus already had two wives, but does anyone know about them? Of course not. Hera, whose name translates as "mistress", did not tolerate any rivals next to her. Natural Lioness: either she will be the first and only one, or it is better to look for some other Olympus. This, however, has never happened before, because who in their right mind would compete with the Lioness? Some have tried to compete with the Hero, and do you know how it ended? That's right: "In general, everyone died" ©.

Virgo - Themis

Virgo goddesses horoscope

Themis, the very wife of Zeus, whom no one remembers. I mean, no one remembers that she is married to the Thunder Goddess, but forget about the fact that she is the goddess of justice! Themis is a symbol of impartiality and justice, and she is also the voice of God: it was Themis who voiced the will of Zeus, so that it means. Any weaklings were not deaf from the thunderous voice of the supreme god. Do you dare? If a Virgo says something, she speaks the truth through her mouth. If Virgo says something that you don't like, you will have to listen to it, because Virgo is not wrong: she is not interested in your personality, Virgo evaluates the facts.

Libra - Persephone

As you know, the most enviable suitors of Olympus, Ares and Apollo, wooed Persephone. But, apparently, the adorable daughter of Demeter was born under the sign of Libra, because she could not choose one, what a shame! However, her personal life was still arranged: the beauty was snatched away by the god of the kingdom of the dead, Hades. And they began to live and live quite happily for themselves. Ideal for Libra: no need to decide anything, they will come and decide everything themselves! True, Mother Persephone and her son-in-law somehow did not work out, so a marriage contract was imposed on the young people: for two-thirds of the year Persephone lives on Olympus, a third in the underworld. Libra, give them free rein, would also live like this: two options, and both are true - this is a personal paradise for Libra. Personal paradise and personal underground hell - everything is so delicious!

Scorpio - Hecate

Hecate bestows wisdom in popular gatherings, happiness in war, and rich prey in the hunt. All this she does only to divert her eyes, of course, because in fact she is the goddess of the Underworld. Hecate teaches mortals witchcraft, rules over witches and poisonous plants, and hangs out with dead souls at the crossroads. In general, so that you understand, Hecate is the very goddess that even those who called Hades an earthworm are afraid of. Did you recognize the Scorpio young lady? Yes, this is it. They fall in love with Scorpio at first sight, but they are afraid to approach: they feel with their skin that not only devils are found in this quiet pool, but some worse. Scorpio, however, does not bother: she will still be worshiped, sooner or later, one way or another. Do you doubt it? Then know that, according to one version, the famous Statue of Liberty is ... Yes, yes, that's right! This is Hecate. It was she who wore the spiked crown. And you never wondered why the symbol of freedomneed a torch? To light the way for people? Well, yes, that's right. A path in the darkness that Hecate commands.

Sagittarius - Artemis

Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and patroness of all living things. She is also a guardian of female chastity and an assistant to women in labor. But how? How can you patronize absolutely opposite concepts? It's very simple. Look at Sagittarius: Sagittarius are so integral natures that the concept of cognitive dissonance is, in principle, alien to them. Sagittarius are capable of accepting and understanding any idea, any belief, and any point of view. This, by the way, does not mean that the Sagittarius girl is ready to share it all. She has one universal answer to any question: the main thing is to get involved in a mess, and then we'll figure it out along the way. And it understands the same, which is surprising. Moreover, the opposing sides believe that Sagittarius fully and completely supports them. On that, they are reconciled in the end, and Sagittarius is sent to attract some other opposites to each other.

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