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Cooking: Quinoa Bowl

We are sharing a recipe for a summer lunch.

Sat Jul 17 2021


Fibroadenoma (fibroma) of the breast

Fibroadenoma (fibroma) of the breast is a benign tumor that forms from connective tissue. The neoplasm with a diameter of 15-40 millimeters has a spherical shape and high density. In the early stages,...

Thu Nov 11 2021


Chest pain

What does chest pain mean and what to do about it. Possible symptoms and causes: pregnancy, breast cyst, abscess, breast cancer.

Sun May 08 2022


Manual anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is one of the effective methods of dealing with the "orange peel" on the skin. It not only helps to improve the condition of the skin, but also models the figure.

Thu Apr 14 2022